• Virtual Learning

  • In response to feedback from our students, families, and teachers, NKC Schools will continue to offer a 100% virtual learning option for the 2021-2022 school year. We have redesigned our virtual offerings to best serve students that may choose to learn in a virtual environment, incorporating all feedback that we have gathered throughout the past 12 months.


    For students in kindergarten through eighth grade, we will offer fully virtual learning through the SchoolsPLP platform. SchoolsPLP is a fully online program, offering elementary and middle school students the opportunity to learn independently from home. The curriculum is aligned to Missouri Learning Standards and provides great flexibility as students have the ability to learn following their own schedules. Learn more about SchoolsPLP here.

    For students in high school, NKC Schools has established our High School Virtual Academy. This district program will offer a fully virtual learning experience for students in ninth through twelfth grade, with a menu of course options from which students will select. Learn more about the High School Virtual Academy here.


    To best prepare for all learners next year, we are asking families to declare now if they would like to select a virtual option for their student. This will provide time for our schools to complete scheduling and registration, organizing balanced classes in a way that ensures students and teachers have dedicated virtual learning time. All families are asked to make at least a semester commitment to a virtual learning option, limiting mid-year transitions between learning modes as has been the norm. The enrollment window for both fully virtual options for next school year was open through April 30.

    Learn more: 

    Grades K-8: SchoolsPLP for Grades K-8
    Grades 9-12: High School Virtual Academy

    Select a virtual option: 

    The selection deadline of April 30 has now passed. For questions, please contact Dr. Eric Sipes, Executive Director of Instructional Technology. 

Grades K-8: SchoolsPLP

Grades 9-12: High School Virtual Academy

Virtual Learning Readiness Checklist

  • Would virtual learning be a good fit for your student? As you consider selecting a virtual option, the following questions may be a helpful guide: 

    • Has your child demonstrated success in virtual learning previously? 
    • Has your child developed good time-management skills? Are they comfortable following a schedule and independently managing their work?
    • Is your child comfortable asking for help? 
    • Does your child have the technical skills to successfully learn in a virtual setting?