• What is Parents as Teachers?

    Parents as Teachers is a free program available to all families with children ages prenatal - not yet in kindergarten and living in the North Kansas City School District.

    You are the first and most important teacher in your child’s life.   Your child will learn more during their first few years of life than at any other time. How your child grows and learns during these years — beginning at birth — will influence later development and success in school. Our Parent Educators will support you on your parenting journey by sharing information about child development, including language and thinking skills as well as social and emotional development.  They will share information and strategies on strengthening the parent-child relationship and work to ensure you have the support you need as well to maintain a healthy family.

    We offer:

    • Regular personal home visits with a certified parent educator
    • Monthly group connections that provide parent-education nights with guest speakers, small group discussions with other parents, and interactive parent-child activities.
    • Annual developmental screenings for all children during personal visits as well as mass screenings in the spring.
    • A wealth of resources!!  Our parent educators can connect you with resources that will help you meet your family's needs, from food and financial assistance to creative ways to give your child new play opportunities at home.

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