Instructional Technology

  • North Kansas City Schools believes that to more effectively prepare students for life in today's 21st century, they must be engaged and learning at school in the same fashion that they are engaged and learning outside of school.  Because technology pervades all aspects of today's society, this means being adaptable to innovation, digitally savvy, and virtually connected. 

    Providing a laptop to every high school student and an iPad for K-8 students (often referred to as "one-to-one," or abbreviated "1:1") is just one of many strategies NKC Schools employs to prepare students for success in today's world. In a 1:1 learning environment, students are provided devices to better equip them for anytime-anywhere learning, teachers receive continued professional development to better equip them to provide innovative instruction, and all consequently become the beneficiaries of 21st century education. Learn more about iPads and visit the FAQ for more.

    Some of the benefits of putting a device in the hands of every student include:

    • More effective development of 21st Century skills in students
    • More equitable digital access amongst students
    • More effective student-centered learning activities
    • Improved differentiated instruction
    • Increased student engagement
    • Increased opportunity to effectively utilize online resources
    • Better prepared students for typical collegiate learning environments
    • Improved skills and attitudes related to technology and innovation for staff
student with ipad