Locations & Map

  • District Locations Map (PDF)

    Attendance Boundary Map

    Thomas P. Cummings Administrative Building (Central Office)
    2000 NE 46th Street, Kansas City, MO 64116-2042
    Main Phone: (816) 321-5000
    Main Fax: (816) 321-5001

    Driving directions to the district administrative offices:
    Traveling from the North on I-29 (PDF)
    Traveling from the South on I-29 (PDF)
    Traveling from the North on I-35 (PDF)

    School Attendance Look Up
    To find whether your address is in a specific attendance area, go to our school/transportation search at VersaTrans. Fill in the required information and click on the Find School/Transportation Info, which will name the elementary, 6th grade, middle and high schools for your location. (Click here!

    For other questions regarding bus routes or which schools your child would attend, phone Transportation at (816) 321-5007.