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New Students for 2024-25

Enrollment for new students for the upcoming year is now open.

Please click here to enroll for the 2024-25 school year. After you create an account, click on "New Student Registration 2024-2025".  

What information do I need?

In order to save time, it is important to gather required documents that will be needed for registration and ensure you have access to update your student's medical and personal information. The required documents include: 

  • Updated medical information including an up-to-date Immunization Record
  • Updated personal records. For example:
    • Current home addresses
    • Updated cell phone numbers to contact guardians
    • Updated cell phone numbers for emergency contacts

Proof of Residence

Each student new to the district registering to enroll in the North Kansas City Schools is required to provide proof of residency documentation during the enrollment process. The proof of residency documentation includes two forms:

  • A current rental agreement, mortgage statement or property tax receipt, AND
  • A current utility bill (gas, water, electric) upon which your address is printed

This requirement is consistent with Missouri Law and reflected in the Board of Education policies of North Kansas City Schools.

Providing the required proof of residency documentation will allow the district to maintain accurate student records and help ensure district resources are being used for the students, parents and community members of North Kansas City Schools.

We are proud to provide convenient online registration to the parents and guardians of North Kansas City Schools. If you need any help with the process, or additional information, don’t hesitate to contact your current school.




Enrollment in North Kansas City Schools is continuous and available at each school site. Documents that parents are requested to bring at the time of enrollment include:

  • Proof of age for incoming kindergartners
  • A list of current immunizations
  • Proof of the family's residence within the district

Kindergarten Enrollment

A child will be eligible for admission to kindergarten if the child reaches the age of five on or before July 31 of the school year beginning in that calendar year. The child should be enrolled at the elementary school which serves the family's neighborhood.

To begin, follow the instructions for enrolling your new kindergartener here.

To learn more about kindergarten in NKC Schools, please visit




The state of Missouri requires parents to present immunization records for each child including DTP, polio, mumps and both measles vaccines (rubeola and rubella). For a complete listing of those immunizations, visit the Missouri Department of Health.

A child must be one of the following:

  • Adequately immunized — evidenced by dates provided to the school.
  • In the process of becoming adequately immunized — evidenced by providing the proper "in-progress" card to the school.
  • Properly exempted — evidenced by the proper medical or religious exception, signed and provided to the school.

Parent Note: These represent only some of the requirements parents fulfill as they enroll their child in district schools. Because certain requirements vary by building and grade level, please check with your child's school to see what additional paperwork may be required.


Paper & Spanish Forms

Student Enrollment Form – 2024-25
Health Form – 2024-25
     School Outreach Flyer

Formulario de Inscripción del Estudiante (Español) – 2024-25
Formulario de Salud (Español) – 2024-25
     Folleto de extensión escolar (Español)