Middle & High School Students Qualify for TSA Nationals
Posted 04/30/2015 11:39AM

District middle and high school students competed in the recent Missouri Technology Student Association (TSA) Distinctions Conference held at Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, Mo. Nearly four hundred students from across the state competed in a variety of skill sets including those for our winners listed below.

Students compete against their own age group, and depending on their final placement, move on to the 37th Annual TSA Conference to be held in Dallas at the end of June.

Each event had different requirements for national qualification. For some events, only the first place winner moved on. In others, only the first and second, or only the top three winners moved on.

TSA sponsors and chapters also earned awards. At the high school level, Dennis O’Connell of North Kansas City High School received the Missouri TSA Advisor of the Year award. This same title was held the previous year by Northtown’s Louis Breinin. North Kansas City High School also won the Chapter Excellence award, given to only one chapter in the state. This is North Kansas City High School’s third consecutive year to win the Chapter Excellence award.

At the middle school level, Sandro Medina of Antioch Middle School was named the Middle School Advisor of the Year.

Louis Breinin and Dennis O'Connell, Advisors
All 15 of of the following North Kansas City High School students qualified for nationals including Mohammed Babikir, Ethan Dwyer, Michael Hidalgo, Sean Horton, Waleed Khaleel, Zachary Krouse, Connor McKenzie, Viet Nguyen, Alex Niederberger, Matthew Resz, Jacob Riley, Emily Schmidtlein, Mamadou Seck, Savannah Sweet and Liz Warder.

  • 1st Place – Future Technology Teacher – Emily Schmidtlein
  • 2nd Place - On Demand Video – Jacob Riley, Liz Warder, Alex Niederberger, Savannah Sweet, Connor McKenzie, Emily Schmidtlein, Michael Hidalgo, Waleed Khaleel, Viet Nguyen, Zachary Krouse, Mohammed Babikir, Matthew Resz, Sean Horton, Ethan Dwyer and Mamadou Seck.
  • 2nd Place – Photographic Technology – Savannah Sweet
  • 2nd Place – Structural Engineering – Mamadou Seck and Ethan Dwyer
  • 2nd Place – System Control – Jacob Riley, Alex Niederberger and Viet Nguyen (Only 1st Place qualified)
  • 3rd Place – Music Production – Alex Niederberger
  • 3rd Place – 3D CAD Design – Alex Niederberger
  • 3rd Place - Promotional Graphics – Savannah Sweet

Staley High School
Aaron Dalton - Advisor
Those advancing from Staley High School include the following:

  • 1st Place - VEX Robotics - Blake Croston and Mitchell McDonald 
  • 2nd Place - Computer Aided Design (CAD) 2D Architect  - Rebecca Mahan 

Winnetonka High School
Glenn Rosario - Advisor

Students advancing from Winnetonka High School include:

  • 3rd Place – Essays on Technology – Lindi Oyler
  • 3rd Place – 2D Architecture – Kenneth Du

Antioch Middle School
Sandro Medina & Christy Buckner, TSA Advisors
Those advancing from Antioch Middle School include the following:

  • 1st Place – Medical Technology Issues – Jacob Bohanon, Joran Brensdal and Levi McKinney
  • 2nd Place – Flight Level I – Duy Vu
  • 2nd Place – Junior Solar Sprint – Team 1 of Brian Purkaple and Hannah Frazier
  • 2nd Place – Leadership Strategies – Nik Duy, Jonathon Greene, Kristian Morten and Kyler York
  • 2nd Place – Structural Model Level I – Team 3 of Levi McKinney and Ti Tran
  • 3rd Place – Junior Solar Sprint – Team 3 – Alan Scalzi and Levi McKinney
  • 3rd Place – Career Prep – Kyler York
  • 3rd Place – Chapter Team – Oral – Jacob Bohanon, Hannah Frazier, Adiyan Hassan, Brian Purkaple, Alan Scalzi and Ti Tran
  • 3rd Place – Technical Design Level I – Jonathon Green and Kristian Morten
  • 3rd Place – Chapter Team – Written – Brian Purkaple
  • 3rd Place – Energy Sources Level I – Nik Duy, Kristian Morten and Ethan Miller
  • 3rd Place – Go Green Level I – Nik Duy, Jonathon Greene and Ethan Miller
  • 3rd Place – Structural Model Level I – Team 2 – Joran Brensdal and Duy Vu

Maple Park Middle
Jessica Steinmeyer, TSA Advisor

Six students from Maple Park Middle School qualified for national competition. They include Delainee Divine, MJ Elliott, Cole Ford, Shyla Hoyt, Brayden Lynch and Nick Ward. (Brayden Lynch qualified but due to a scheduling conflict will not compete this summer.)

  • 1st Place Communication Challenge – Shyla Hoyt
  • 1st Place – Agriculture & Biology – Cole Ford, MJ Elliott and Nick Ward
  • 2nd Place – Electrical Applications – Cole Ford
  • 2nd Place - Tech Bowl Test – Delainee Divine
  • 2nd Place – Community Service Video – Delainee Divine, Nick Ward and MJ Elliott
  • 3rd Place – Tech Bowl Team –Delainee Divine, Brayden Lynch and Shyla Hoyt
  • 3rd Place – Website Design – Cole Ford, Braden Lynch and Nick Ward
  • 3rd Place – Electrical Applications – Brayden Lynch
  • State Finalist Structural Model – Max Ackermann and Cole Ford

New Mark Middle School
Thuy Nguyen and Beth Lloyd, TSA Advisors

Eight students from New Mark Middle School who have qualified for TSA national competition this summer include the following:

  • 1st Place – Community Service Video – David White
  • 1st Place – Environmental Focus – Haley Anne Mahusay
  • 1st Place – Essays on Technology – Keshvi Mahalingam
  • 1st Place – Go Green Manufacturing – Parker McCracken, Haley Anne Mahusay and Keshvi Mahalingam
  • 1st Place – Leadership Strategies – Jason Hensley, Luke Dunn and David White
  • 2nd Place – Digital Photography – Haley Anne Mahusay
  • 2nd Place – Energy Source – Jason Hensley and Luke Dunn
  • 2nd Place – Medical Technology Issues – Mason Gates, Parker McCracken and David White
  • 2nd Place – Prepared Speech – Elijah Tang-Spigelman
  • 2nd Place – Problem Solving – Luke Dunn and David White
  • 3rd Place – Prepared Speech – Mason Gates

Faith Endsley is a recent 2018 graduate of Staley High School and her story is a miraculous tale of conquering extreme challenges and thriving against all odds.


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