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High School Journalism Programs Rank Among Top in State
Posted 04/05/2018 09:17AM

Students from North Kansas City, Oak Park, Staley and Winnetonka high schools attended the Missouri Interscholastic Press Association’s Journalism Day on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 at the MU School of Journalism in Columbia, Mo. They competed in the state contest and attended many educational sessions.

Awards for the publications and individuals were rated by the MIPA judges based on a scale where All-Missouri is awarded to only the top 10% of competitors, then Superior, Excellent or Honorable Mention awards.

Overall publications earned:

North Kansas City High School

  • Purgold 2017 yearbook, Excellent
  • NTV News broadcast, newsmagazine, Honorable Mention
  • NTV News broadcast, announcements plus video, Honorable Mention


Oak Park High School:

  • Cambia 2017 yearbook, Excellent
  • The Northmen’s Log newsmagazine, Excellent


Staley High School:

  • Legacy yearbook, All-Missouri
  • Talon newsmagazine, Superior
  • STTV broadcast, Excellent


Winnetonka High School:

  • Odyssey 2017 yearbook, All-Missouri
  • Griffin Rites newsmagazine, All-Missouri
  • online, All-Missouri
  • WGTV, Excellent, Tonka Talks Broadcast
  • WGTV, Honorable Mention, Today in Tonka Morning Show


Individual students earned:

North Kansas City High School

  • Bryce Johnsen and Emanuel Rodriguez, All-Missouri, Broadcast, Sports Feature, “Farewell to the Fieldhouse”
  • Adaeze Dimanochie, Abby Schmidtlein, Brittney Sweet, Superior, Yearbook Overall Theme/Concept, Composed Chaos
  • Lillian Himmelberg, Superior, Yearbook Portrait, Kat Dancer
  • Maryssa Lane, Superior, Newspaper, Cartoon/Infographic, Logan Paul
  • Lauren Dolman, Excellent, Yearbook Photo News, Viewing the Eclipse
  • Caitlin Smith, Excellent, Yearbook Sports Action Photo, Dance Your Heart Out
  • Caitlin Smith, Excellent, Yearbook Design, Kings & Queens
  • Isaiah Valdivia, Excellent, Newspaper, Opinion/Editorial, The IB Program
  • Bryce Johnsen, Kevin Nguyen, Miguel Rodriguez, Mamadou Seck, Honorable Mention, Broadcast, Sports Feature, “Soccer Sectional Highlights”
  • Adaeze Dimanochie, Honorable Mention, Yearbook Photo News, New Construction
  • Lauren Dolman, Honorable Mention, Newspaper Feature Story, Spreading Kindness
  • Lauren Dolman, Jesse Percival, Honorable Mention,Yearbook Design, Solar Eclipse
  • Lauren Dolman, Jesse Percival, Ava Jones, Honorable Mention,Yearbook Mod/Infographic, Fall Festivities
  • Chloe Eads, Honorable Mention, Yearbook Sports Action Photo, Basketball Action
  • Eric King, Isabella Herrera, Honorable Mention, Yearbook Design, Volleyball
  • Jessi Williams, Jonathan Pacheco Honorable Mention, Yearbook Design, Summer Snapshot
  • Jaide Rose, Honorable Mention, Yearbook Sports Action Photo, Softball Homerun Hit
  • Yearbook Staff, Honorable Mention, Traditional Package, Homecoming Spirit Week


Oak Park High School:

  • Jessica Begley, All-Missouri, News Photo, “Jingle Jazz.”
  • Mina Buchholz, All-Missouri, Feature Story, “Students Struggle.”
  • Raya Cranfill, All-Missouri, Sports Reaction Photo, “Football Fan.”
  • Raya Cranfill, All-Missouri, Sports Reaction Photo, “Volleyball Pre-game.”
  • Angelina Garcia, All-Missouri, News Photo, “Senior Rah.”
  • Sarah Horseman, All-Missouri, Student Life Photo, “HC Crowning.”
  • Skyler Benjamin, Olivia White and Bridget Johnsen, Superior, News Story, “Exclipse.”
  • Skyler Benjamin, Superior, Sports News Story, “Cheer Preps for State.”
  • Parker Bensyl, Superior, Sports Action Photo, “Swimming.”
  • Luci Conkling, Superior, Infographic, “8 Cool Ways.”
  • Luci Conkling and Sarah Horseman, Superior, Breaking News, “Once in a lifetime.”
  • Raya Cranfill, Superior, Writing, “Under the Lights.”
  • Angelina Garcia, Superior, Student Life Photo, “Queens Lead.”
  • Sarah Horseman, Superior, Student Life Photo, “Homecoming.”
  • Mackenzie Powell, Superior, Feature Package, “Not in Our House.”
  • Dakota Ake and Akout Malual, Excellent, Diversity, “Celebrating Our Differences.”
  • Jessica Begley, Excellent, Feature Package, “NEW 3D AP Studio Art Class.”
  • Raya Cranfill, Angelina Garcia and Hannah Rogers, Excellent, Mod/Infographic, “Battle of the Brands.”
  • Angelina Garcia, Excellent, Sports Action Photo, “Softball.”
  • Sarah Horseman, Excellent, Traditional Package - Student Life, “Solar Eclipse.”
  • Sarah Horseman, Excellent, News Photo, “Eclipse.”
  • Sarah Horseman, Excellent, Sports Action Photo, “Wrestling.”
  • Emily Leibold, Excellent, Feature Package, “Accepting Transitions.”
  • Ian Wlson, Excellent, News Photo, “HC Parade.”
  • Yearbook Staff, Excellent, Overall Theme, “It’s our Time.”
  • Dakota Ake, Honorable Mention, “The Log’s View.”
  • Dakota Ake, Honorable Mention, Op-Ed Package, “New Voices: Giving a Voice to Student Journalists”
  • Malea Biswell, Honorable Mention, Feature Package, “Seasonal Depression.”
  • Luci Conkling, Honorable Mention, Infographic, “Why volunteer?”
  • Luci Conkling, Honorable Mention, Sports Action Photo, “Ready to run.”
  • Raya Cranfill, Honorable Mention, Sports Action Photo, “Running along.”
  • Faith Guinnip, Honorable Mention, Portrait, “Silent Racism.”
  • Kayelyn Logan, Honorable Mention, Sports Action Photo, “Jhaidyn Homecoming.”
  • Kayelyn Logan, Honorable Mention, Sports Action Photo, “Pommies.”
  • Akout Malual, Honorable Mention, Feature Package, “From the T to the USA.”
  • Mackenzie Powell, Honorable Mention, Student Life Photo, “Marinara Time.”
  • Olivia White, Honorable Mention, Diversity, “NEEC Alexis.”
  • Newsmagazine Staff, Honorable Mention, Diversity, “Log’s View.”


Staley High School:

  • Jacob Dyke, Joey Shearer, All-Missouri, The Buzz Around Local Honey, Broadcast, Human Interest Feature
  • Joey Shearer, Michael Logerwell, Emma Downs, All-Missouri, #RingSZN Varsity Football Wins State, Broadcast, Sports News Story
  • Makenzie Hooton, All-Missouri, Robotics Moving on Up, Newsmagazine, Page Design
  • Haylee Roberts, All-Missouri, Behind the Scenes of Traveling Abroad, Online, Feature Package
  • Makenzie Hooton, All-Missouri, National Award Winning Baton Twirler, Online, Feature Package
  • Leidy Venegas, Haley Anne Mahusay, Joey Shearer, Emma Downs, Michael Logerwell, All-Missouri, Football Team Clinches State Championship, Online, Sports Package
  • Trudy Swegle, All-Missouri, Real World Knowledge, Photo, Academic
  • Grace Duddy, All-Missouri, Knocking Down the Competition, Photo, Sports Action
  • Laura Rosario, All-Missouri, Play by Play, Photo, Sports Action
  • Haley Anne Mahusay, Lexie Day, Trudy Swegle, Ruth Hylton, All-Missouri, In the Path Of Totality, Yearbook Package
  • Alyssa Bannister, Karson Davis, Superior, All American, Broadcast, News Story
  • Meghan McElwee, Jared Kinate, Superior, Swimming Upstream, Diversity, Broadcast
  • Trudy Swegle, Megan Hall, Ellie Whitesell, Rami LeRoy, Superior, Worth Their Time, Diversity, Yearbook
  • Emilie Kerr, Superior, Through the Heart of Kansas City, Newsmagazine,P age Design
  • Leidy Venegas, Haylee Roberts, Superior, Vapedemic, Newsmagazine, Page Design
  • Jack Warner, Superior, Vaping Isn’t Cool, Newsmagazine, Opinion
  • Haylee Roberts, Superior, Choo Choo To State, Newsmagazine, Sports Story
  • Alexa Schulte, Superior, What’s All The Hype?, Online, Feature Package
  • Dawson Parks, Superior, High ‘Lite’ of the Week, Online, Sports Package
  • Paxton Donaldson, Superior, Vawter Brings Heat, Photo, Sports Action
  • Maddie White, Haley Anne Mahusay, Macy Nixon, Grace Duddy, Superior, Breaking Ground, Yearbook, Sports Package
  • Macy Nixon, Superior, Kicking It To Districts, Yearbook, Writing
  • Nick Ridpath, Chad Kirby, Cade Martsching, Excellent, Striking Out on Their Own, Broadcast, Human Interest Feature
  • Devin Judin, Karson Davis, Jacob Dyke, Excellent, The Great Eclipse, Broadcast, News Story
  • Laura Rosario, Excellent, Growing Friendships, Diversity, Yearbook
  • Emilie Kerr, Excellent, BB Shooters Injure Cross Country Runners, Online, Breaking News Package
  • Ashlyn Dohrmann, Excellent, Friday Night Flute, Photo, Academic
  • Christopher Spry, Excellent,Felo, Photo, Portrait
  • Dawson Parks, Excellent, Queen B, Photo, Portrait
  • Emilie Kerr, Excellent, Golden Celebration, Photo, Portrait
  • Makenzie Hooton, Excellent, Baton Twirler, Photo, Sports Action
  • Clare Cunningham, Ellie Whitesell, Ruth Hylton, Haleigh Evans, Excellent, The Roberts Family, Yearbook, Sports Package
  • Kyla Gaines, Kelsey Bennett, Honorable Mention, In a League of Her Own, Diversity, Broadcast
  • Leidy Venegas, Makenzie Hooton, Honorable Mention, Chain’s Academy, Diversity, Newsmagazine
  • Kelsey Bennett, Honorable Mention, Vapedemic graphic, Newsmagazine, Infographic
  • Alexis Howard, Christopher Spry, Honorable Mention, Kansas City Creative, Newsmagazine, Page Design
  • Jen Hulen, Honorable Mention, Worlds of Fun’s Winterfest Begins, Online, Feature Package
  • Madelyn Phillips, Kelsey Bennett, Honorable Mention, Stop the Hate, Online, Op-Ed Package
  • Emilie Kerr, Honorable Mention, Vapedemic, Photo Illustration
  • Emilie Kerr, Honorable Mention, Spinning, Photo
  • Jasmine Bronson, Honorable Mention, Basketball Warm Up, Photo, Sports Action
  • Haley Anne Mahusay, Honorable Mention, State Champs, Photo, Sports Reaction
  • Rami LeRoy, Honorable Mention, Bittersweet Student Section, Photo, Sports Reaction
  • Trudy Swegle, Honorable Mention, Hello Dolly!, Photo, Student Life
  • Laura Rosario, Jack Warner, Haley Anne Mahusay, Honorable Mention, Out of This World, Yearbook, Student Life Package
  • Reilly Loudert, Honorable Mention, Giving Her All, Yearbook, Writing

Winnetonka High School:

  • Katie Bullock, All-Missouri, Feature Story, “Ending the candlelight vigils”
  • Katie Bullock, All-Missouri, Photo Illustration, “This land is our land”
  • Katie Bullock, All-Missouri, Online Diversity, “This land is our land”
  • Katie Bullock, All-Missouri, Sports Package, “Finding their balance”
  • Kelsey Cowden, All-Missouri, Traditional Package - Student Life, “Clubs at Work”
  • Elizabeth Hopkins, All-Missouri, Newsmagazine Diversity, “Today's uniqueness, tomorrow's acceptance”
  • Elizabeth Hopkins, All-Missouri, Sports Story, “An appetite for strength”
  • Gage Rabideaux, All-Missouri, Newsmagazine Diversity, “The image of Islam”
  • Gage Rabideaux, All-Missouri, Sports Reaction Photo, “Bad race blues”
  • Allison Schoonbeck, All-Missouri, News Photo, “Tears After Totality”
  • Hallie Stamper, All-Missouri, Traditional Package - Sports, “Fall Spirit”
  • Hallie Stamper, All-Missouri, Student Life/Organization Photo, “Tears and Needles”
  • Derek Walsh, All-Missouri, Traditional Package - Student Life, “Chills and Thrills”
  • TonkaNews Staff, All-Missouri, Breaking News Package, “Experiencing the eclipse”
  • Katie Bullock, Superior, Feature Story, “Strong like Sancia”
  • Katie Bullock, Superior, News Photo, “International Anthem”
  • Katie Bullock, Superior, Sports Package, “Diving into state”
  • Katie Bullock, Superior, Sports Package, “Football's first hit”
  • Katie Bullock, Superior, News Photo, “Experiencing the eclipse”
  • Kelsey Cowden, Superior, Student Life/Organization Photo, “Dodging to defeat”
  • Jessica Glaszczak, Superior, Opinion/Editorial, “When tragedy strikes”
  • Jessica Glaszczak, Superior, Newsmagazine Diversity, “Disentangling Depression”
  • Bri Milam, Superior, Traditional Package - Student Life, “In With The New”
  • Gage Rabideaux, Superior, Feature Package, “Figuring it Out”
  • Gage Rabideaux, Superior, Feature Package, “Fun for One”
  • Derek Walsh, Superior, Sports Reaction Photo, “Tearing Through Homecoming”
  • Elizabeth Hopkins, Excellent, News Photo, “Pied for a cause”
  • Gage Rabideaux, Excellent, Cartoon/Infographic, “When tragedy strikes, so should response”
  • Gage Rabideaux, Excellent, Sports Reaction Photo, “Watered Down”
  • Allison Schoonbeck, Excellent, Traditional Package - Sports, “Winning At Home”
  • Evelyn Brecke, Honorable Mention, Sports Reaction Photo, “Heart to Helmets”
  • Katie Bullock, Honorable Mention, Social Media Reporting
  • Erica Burnett, Honorable Mention, Student Life/Organization Photo, “Sing your heart out”
  • Miranda Dawson, Honorable Mention, Commercial/PSA, PRIDE tickets
  • Jessica Glaszczak, Honorable Mention, Page Design, “Truth Be Told”
  • Jessica Glaszczak, Honorable Mention, Opinion/Editorial, “In representation we trust”
  • Andrew Hedrick, Honorable Mention, Human Interest, Nick Younger
  • Lucas Mercer, Honorable Mention, News Story, Net Neutrality
  • Dylan Vaughan, Honorable Mention, News Story,, Green Prom Project


N2Sports broadcasting

  • N2 staff, Excellent, Live Sports Broadcast, Staley at NKC Boys
  • N2 staff, Honorable Mention, Live Sports Broadcast, NKC at OP boys - Feb. 9

In addition to the competitions, students had their choice of more than 30 class sessions taught by award-winning journalists, journalism professors from multiple universities, advisers and others. A trade show included yearbook vendors. Students also heard about how to form their early career in journalism from KC Star education reporter Katy Bergen.

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