School Closures

  • Our school closure policy has one aim: to ensure the safety of our students. School may start two hours late; students may be released early; or classes may be canceled entirely due to inclement weather. Please be familiar with the following information sources in the event of school cancellations, early release or late start.
    Communication Channels
    North Kansas City Schools provides several ways for you to get the latest information on district school closings, including early release or a two-hour delayed start on days when weather is hazardous: 

    1. District Website: provides the first notification of school closings and other cancellations within minutes of a decision.
    2. SchoolMessenger: Phone, email and optional text messages are sent to school families when classes are canceled, delayed or students are released early.

    3. Social Media: We will post information on Facebook and Twitter.
    4. Radio & TV: Local stations share announcements on-air and on their websites.

    For those who received a letter this fall from Transportation regarding snow routes, information on alternate routes is posted on the Transportation page.

    Also make note that in the event of an early release or full day cancellation, evening activities and community education classes will be canceled as well. Any exceptions will be posted on the district website.
    Adventure Club will operate on snow days, but at its combined snow day sites. For an early release, Adventure Club will operate at all sites on its regular schedule. With a delayed start, Adventure Club will open at all sites from 6:45 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, visit the Adventure Club page.
    Two-Hour Delayed Start Option
    NKC Schools has a new, safe option for inclement weather days that could reduce the need for makeup days. The two-hour delayed start will be used for days when daylight and additional time to treat roads mean safe passage is possible for students.
    Essentially, the school day will begin two hours later. On a two-hour delayed start day, all buses will pick up students two hours later than the regular pickup times, but the drop-off times will NOT change. All schools will end their day at the regular end time with one exception. On Thursdays, high schools and middle schools observe an early release schedule. If the district activates the two-hour delayed start, the early release would be cancelled and a normal schedule would be utilized. 
    Alternate stops for buses will be in effect on two-hour delayed start days. Transportation Services communicates directly with all families affected by alternate stops.
    Early Release or Cancellation 
    • There will be no evening activitiesincluding Community Education classes. Exceptions will be posted on the district website at:
    • District Athletes should refer to the Inclement Weather Guidelines for Athletics posted on the district website
    • Adventure Club will operate on snow days, but at their combined snow day sites. Hours of operation will be 7:15 AM to 6 PM.


    When School Is Open

    • Dress your child to protect against wind and cold.
    • Buses may be a few minutes late. Please wait as we try to run every route.
    • Alternate bus stops may be in effect due to road conditions. Bus riders on alternate routes are notified directly by Transportation Services via School Messenger.
    • We respect your decision to keep your child homewhen the weather is questionable.