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  • Whether you are in elementary school or have moved on to middle or high school, YOU are the point of our mission. We are here to make sure you get the best education possible and have as many opportunities to learn and grow and succeed as we can give you!

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Online Math Tutoring

  • We are excited to share that TutorMe is now available to students in grades 7 through 12 to provide an additional resource for support in math. Before accessing this service, please note the following:

    • Students may use this service to virtually connect with a live tutor who can assist with math learning.
    • All tutoring sessions are recorded and shared with the school district, therefore it is important that students represent themselves and their school in a positive, productive, and respectful manner. The recording of any sessions in question may be sent to district personnel to follow up with students and access can be terminated if not used appropriately.
    • There is not a predetermined session length. So, students can be on for five minutes or 25 minutes as needed.
    • Students will need to provide the work/assignment/concept to the tutor as a starting point. 
    • Students can access a tutor when they are struggling with a concept, would like to improve their standard-based performance, are working on test corrections, etc.
    • Tutors are trained to support learning in a manner where answers are not just given to students, but learning occurs through questioning and modeling examples.
    • Finally, we ask that students and parents view the following video to ensure a smooth experience when connecting with a tutor:
    • After watching this video, students can access the service through Clever.

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