Partners in Education

Partners in Education
  • AY Young

    AY Young is a Kansas City based singer-songwriter, dancer, producer, and non-profit foundation leader. He has worked to explore the possibilities of sustainable energy. His recent “Battery Tour,” where each of his concerts was powered only by renewable sources of energy, earned him recognition as one of only 17 Young Global Leaders for Sustainable Development from the United Nations. There were over 18,000 applications. AY was the only one to make it from the United States. AY Young will partner with the SAGE Center by being a connection to other people across the globe. He will also provide project ideas, feedback and resources for our Gifted students to realize the possibilities of a sustainable future.

    To learn more about AY Young and his impact on the nation visit:

    Edward Jones, Ryan Mitchell

    Ryan Mitchell is a financial advisor for Edward Jones. He helps individuals and small businesses with investment strategies. Much of his time is spent educating people about investing principles and strategies to reach their financial goals. He has been involved with the Northland CAPS program and has spoken with high school students about investing basics.  As a business partner with the Northland Innovation Center, Mr. Mitchell is willing to come periodically to speak with the students to give them some of these same investing basics. 

    Partnership Goal: To gain knowledge and receive support from an expert in financial planning.  

    Eric Craig Real Estate Team

    The Eric Craig Real Estate Team is helping people all over the Greater Kansas City area. Whether you are looking for a specific type of home, location or school district to fit your needs, The Eric Craig Real Estate Team uses some of the most innovative and advanced technology to provide you with the best and most accurate information available.

    Partnership Goal: To gain knowledge and receive support from experts in business and marketing. 

    Kansas City Public Works Department

    Partnership Goal: To provide real world and authentic problems for students to achieve innovative ideas to support KC recycling programs and keep the city green.

     Park University

    Park, a four-year, private, nonprofit, liberal arts institution has helped students break barriers to education since 1875. Our motto, fides et labor (Latin for “faith and work”) is as relevant today as it was in the 19th century. A Park University education is an opportunity to find faith in yourself — by discovering your potential and working to realize it.

    Park University’s core values are academic excellence, inclusivity and social responsibility. Diversity is in our DNA — Park’s first graduating class included four women. Today, we welcome more than 260 international students from 60 countries.

    Partnership Goal: Host Park University international students as guest speakers for 3rd grade SAGE students.

    OmniLife VR LLC

    As a leading source of Virtual Reality (VR), OmniLife VR provides the latest VR installation and service, incorporating cutting-edge software with industry leading technical and user expertise. Through our comprehensive, all-encompassing mission, we help dramatically enliven and enrich people’s lives, providing a wealth of breathtaking immersive experiences and innovative applications for: Fitness, Mental Health & Wellness, Therapy, Education, Public Safety / Military, Rehabilitation, Training, Recreation. 

    Partnership Goal: Develop learning opportunities for students with regard to virtual reality, specifically using the Omnilife system.   

    Pure Water of Kansas City

    In 1986, Pure Water of Kansas City began by offering home water treatment solutions and a friendly storefront where customers could refill their containers with distilled water.


    30 years later, Pure Water of Kansas City has grown to offer a full-service water bar and delivery route, custom labeled water bottles, water cooler rentals, as well as water purification solutions for the home or business, and more!


    If you’ve become concerned about the quality of your drinking water for your family or business, come visit us! Our store is fully equipped with the best in equipment and supplies for your Pure Water needs. We provide the highest level of customer service and will happily answer all your questions. For the latest information on services we offer, call us at (816) 468-7873.


    Partnership Goal: To provide support for students to brainstorm projects and offer feedback to refine projects.

    Stone Canyon Pizza

    Since we opened our doors in 1995, Stone Canyon Pizza has been the perfect place for a quick lunch, social gathering with friends, or an enjoyable evening with family. We invite you to experience our warm atmosphere, friendly service and amazing food and beverage.  Stone Canyon’s selections are all made to order from the freshest ingredients. In addition to the best gourmet pizzas in the city, our menu also offers a delicious selection of handcrafted appetizers, salads, pastas, and sandwiches.

    Partnership Goal: To gain knowledge and receive support from an expert restaurant management.

    Weber Inc. 

    For more than three decades, Weber has served red meat, pork, poultry and cheese processors from around the globe, with our solutions enabling a strong customer-base on all continents to accomplish maximum efficiency. Our experience and in-house manufacturing of virtually all machine components has allowed Weber - from its headquarters in Germany to virtually anywhere in the world - to be uniquely positioned to create ideal customer- and product-specific applications. Our unmatched ability to work efficiently with all packaging machinery makes Weber a valuable resource to assist in the custom design of your entire production line.

    Partnership Goal: To gain knowledge and receive support from an expert in business and production through field trip experiences.  

  • For more information about becoming a Business Partner with SAGE, please contact Cindy Turner, SAGE Center Partners in Education Building Facilitator, at (816) 321-6313 or contact the Partners in Education office at (816) 321-5018.