Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

  • Communication Update

    Multiple public health agencies in our region, including the state of Missouri, now view COVID-19 as endemic. This simply means that like the flu, we can expect it to be a common illness regularly found in our communities. In accordance with Board policy EBB on communicable diseases, North Kansas City Schools’ health protocols are guided by local health officials’ recommendations. As a result, we will update our COVID notification processes after the 2021-2022 school year ends.
    Staff and families will no longer receive communication about each COVID-19 case in their school or classroom beginning in June. The districtwide COVID-19 dashboard will continue to be updated through the end of our June 2022 summer school session. North Kansas City Schools will continue to work closely with our local health departments to monitor the health and well-being of our school community. We appreciate their partnership, as well as the support of our students, staff and families as we have navigated changing guidance over these past two years. 


    Mask Requirement Update

    Over the past 23 months, NKC Schools has consistently followed the ordinances requiring masks that are voted upon by members of the respective city councils in which our schools are located. The current school mask ordinances approved by the City Council of Kansas City, Missouri and the city of North Kansas City expired on Thursday, February 17. 
    As a result, masks are recommended, rather than required, for students, staff and patrons as of Friday, February 18. Per updated CDC guidance, masks are no longer required on school transportation, including both buses and vans, effective Friday, February 25. Clay County Health Department’s guidance for schools recommends masks be worn indoors by all individuals (age 2 and older), unless medical or developmental conditions prohibit use. The individual choice to wear a mask is one that should be respected based on circumstance and conviction, and tolerance for this personal choice is critically important for both students and staff. 

    As a reminder, we are asking all members of our community to self-monitor for symptoms, such as new cough, headache, congestion, fever and/or sore throat. If you feel sick, it is important that you stay home from school. Individuals are then encouraged to contact their healthcare provider for further advice. Thank you for your partnership in keeping our schools healthy and safe.


    Vaccination Opportunities

    Based on the advice of national and local health professionals, we are recommending that all eligible individuals consider receiving the vaccination as soon as possible. Click here for a list of convenient vaccination opportunities in our area. We recognize that vaccination is a personal decision to be made by each family individually for their children. Several of NKC Schools' partners are hosting clinics for all eligible ages now. Information will be shared about available opportunities here. Other local organizations are also providing vaccination for all ages. Interested families can visit to find a vaccine event nearby.

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