Gold Medallion Honors Diploma

  • The Gold Medallion Honors Diploma is a rigorous program of study designed to ensure that students are equipped with the skills necessary for postsecondary success. Graduates receive honors and are recognized for completing a program that meets entrance requirements for the University of Missouri system as well as most public universities nationwide.


    Who should seek the Gold Medallion Honors Diploma?

    • The student who is academically able and highly motivated.
    • The student who wants a jump-start on earning college credit and wants to do real life-projects.
    • The student who is willing to work for having this diploma of distinction.


    Gold Medallion Diploma Requirements

    • Earn at least a 3.2 grade point average (GPA) or above in all courses in grades 9-12, including college credit courses.
    • Perform at or above the 85th percentile on an 11th or 12th grade national standardized academic test (ACT or SAT).
    • Within the 26 required credits, 8 or more must be in Honors, Dual Credit, or AP courses.
    • Algebra I, Honors Geometry, and Modern Language taken in middle school will count towards Gold Medallion.
    • Participate in 100 hours of community service, tutoring, or mentoring.
    • Complete a 40-hour School to Career Internship(s) in a chosen career path.
    • Produce a Senior Exhibition as outlined by Research & Exhibition semesters curricula demonstrating mastery of North Kansas City Schools graduation goals. Please note that beginning with the Class of 2020, Research Methods & Exhibition will be replaced by AP Seminar.
    • Develop a comprehensive portfolio with examples of best work, extracurricular participation, and reflection.


    For more information and a copy of the Gold Medallion Diploma Planning Guide, see your high school counselor, Gold Medallion teacher, district website, or call the Director of Advanced Studies at (816) 321-4047.

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