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School Messenger on April 3, 2020

Rising Hill Families,


As a follow up to the recent announcement from the North Kansas City School District, Rising Hill and all NKCS teachers will post lessons four days a week, beginning on Monday, April 6Mondays will be reserved for collaboration, planning and professional development and will provide students the opportunity to catch up on any work from the previous week.  This decision was made by the district after looking at data gathered from the recent stakeholder survey.   This plan will help to ensure we sustain the incredible learning that is occurring at Rising Hill and throughout NKC Schools. 


We have made a few adjustments that you will see as a result of this shift to a Tuesday-Friday posting schedule:


  • Our Encore (art, music, pe/health, library, counselor) Schedule will shift, so that students will have one Encore posting each day (T-Fr).  Former schedules will be different and classroom teachers will notify students of their new schedule.
  • Our SAGE schedule will shift, with changes impacting 3rd and 4th grades:
    • Tuesday:  2nd and 5th Grade SAGE
    • Wednesday:  3rd Grade SAGE
    • Thursday: 4th Grade SAGE
    • Friday:  1st Grade SAGE
  • Morning announcements will continue to be posted, allowing families to maintain a routine if this is helpful, but any responses are optional.
  • Optional work that students can continue include the following:


NKCS is also offering Parent University, which is a series of online sessions designed to assist parents as they work through eLearning.  For more information, please see the attachment and visit this link to register.


As always, Rising Hill teachers and staff are here to help you during this unique time.  If you feel there is something we can do to assist your child or your family please let us know.   Contact the office at 816-321-5701, email your classroom teacher, or email Mrs. Place at .



Kate Place


Rising Hill Elementary

North Kansas City Schools

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