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N2 Sports Program Advantages

N2Sports has created a unique and powerful program that will benefit our students and area businesses. Each high school (North Kansas City, Oak Park, Staley, and Winnetonka) provides a hands-on, authentic career-based experience to better prepare our students for the world of work in Sports Marketing, Broadcast Sports Journalism, Media Productions, and Communications.

The N2Sports program began four years ago with 15 students broadcasting football, basketball, and soccer varsity games across the district. We are now a program of more than 80 students not only covering 30+ varsity games in more sports, but also, conducting promotional activities through various social media, websites, and a visual score board.  Viewership includes attendance at each game for in-game promotional advertisement, plus live streaming via YouTube reaching on average 500+ viewers each game, Twitter increased from 71 followers in year one to 600+ in year four, and Snapchat should see similar increases in followers.

We invite the community to be a part of this exciting effort. We know area businesses are the foundation of our economy and our communities. As such we want you to consider spending your advertising dollar by supporting the N2Sports program and the North Kansas City School District.

If interested please contact; Kelly Rule at or