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MoMo Challenge

 March 1, 2019

Parents of North Kansas City Schools Students:

In the past month, you may have become aware of a current trend on social media referred to as the “Momo Challenge”. The purpose of this letter is to make you aware of this challenge, provide you with information about it, and encourage you to monitor your children’s use of social media and the internet. The “Momo Challenge,” a game found on Facebook and the app, WhatsApp, features a frightening avatar/image who asks its viewers to perform various tasks and provide photos as proof. The "Momo" threatens those who do not perform the tasks.


There are conflicting reports and some sources are indicating this is a hoax. However, the situation could still cause students to talk about the topic of self-harm and possibly fear that people are in danger, which is why we are giving you information and resources. We also have had children who searched for the image and were very scared by the image alone.

Please know that you can always reach out to your child’s school counselor or school community resource specialist if you have questions or need to discuss concerns about your child.




Heather Stukey



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