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Our district now has a Virtual Tutoring option for students who many need additional support.  The match would be with a screened YouthFriend volunteer or STEP participant who have also agreed to help support students as a virtual tutor utilizing Microsoft Teams.

As a parent, if you feel your student needs additional support please click on this LINK for more information and/or to request a tutor match.

Once you have input your student's information, and have agreed to have a virtual tutor for your student, upon submittal that informaiton will be sent to your schools Partners in Education (P.I.E.) Building Facilitator.  For New Mark, the Partners in Education Building Facilitator is Liz Ginther.

Once the match has been made for your student, the P.I.E. facilitator from New Mark will contact your student to help facilitate the tutoring session through Microsoft Teams.

Questions can be directed to Liz Ginther @ New Mark, or Athena Graham (Partners in Education Coordinator for NKC Schools).