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New Student Enrollment

Students/families that are *NEW to the district.  Please click here

In addition to online registration families will also need the following:

Proof of Residence

Each student registering to enroll in the North Kansas City Schools is required to provide proof of residency documentation during the enrollment process. The proof of residency documentation includes two forms:

  • A current rental agreement, mortgage statement or property tax receipt, AND
  • A current utility bill (gas, water, electric) upon which your address is printed

This requirement is consistent with Missouri Law and reflected in the Board of Education policies of North Kansas City Schools.


The state of Missouri requires parents to present immunization records for each child including DTP, polio, mumps and both measles vaccines (rubeola and rubella). For a complete listing of those immunizations, visit the Missouri Department of Health.

A child must be one of the following:

  • Adequately immunized — evidenced by dates provided to the school.
  • In the process of becoming adequately immunized — evidenced by providing the proper "in-progress" card to the school.
  • Properly exempted — evidenced by the proper medical or religious exception, signed and provided to the school.



*Students that are transitioning from a North Kansas City School District middle school to high school please see the information for returning students.