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North Kansas City High School family,


It is time to celebrate another milestone moment at Northtown – the completion of three years of new construction and the major renovation of Old Main! The revitalization and renewal of our building is finished, and a host of new traditions are ready to begin. It is a great time to be a Hornet!


Moving Schedule

Staff will start moving into Old Main next week. South Campus will officially close on January 21 and services such as counseling, administration, International Baccalaureate and the Academy will now be located in Old Main. All academic programming located in Norclay will begin moving over on January 24 with a scheduled completion date of February 10. By that date, all students and staff will be housed in an interconnected facility for the first time in decades. Only a few afterschool activities will continue to use Norclay.


Important Information Regarding New Practices at NKC

As you can imagine, a single campus allows us to shift several of our practices here at Northtown. There are a few changes of which we want you to be aware. Beginning on February 18, we will operate as a single campus. The main entrance to the building is located on 23rd Avenue, and all visitors to North Kansas City High School will need to enter the building through our welcome center to ensure the safety and security of our students.


For student arrival, the Fieldhouse and football stadium gates will remain open for access to the building. These gates will be closed promptly at 7:43 a.m. and all arrivals after this time will need to enter through the welcome center. All other doors will be closed and inaccessible for external entry. While this is a change at Northtown, it is standard practice at most high schools and an enhancement to the security of our learning environment.


Parking is available in the surface lots across 23rd Ave. from Old Main as well as across from and behind Norclay. For the remainder of this school year, students can also continue to park at the leased space at the First Baptist Church. Parking on the street is permissible only in those areas designated by the city. Please do not block driveways or park in “No Parking” zones. Be good to our neighbors and don’t get ticketed!


Perhaps the biggest change our single campus will bring is an end to open lunch. Students now have access to a spacious, modern cafeteria where they can enjoy a variety of meal options with friends. The lunch schedule has been expanded to five shifts to accommodate the entire student body. Students can either purchase a lunch from the school or bring a sack lunch from home. No other outside food will be permitted, so visitors should not bring students any food purchased from an outside restaurant.


We know open lunch has been a unique characteristic of the Northtown experience. However, it also provided challenges related to tardiness and truancy as well as students driving off campus, which posed safety concerns. We are confident the cafeteria will become a hub of student life and that this will be a positive change for our school community. Plus, now no one has to worry about getting rained on or caught in inclement weather – another added benefit!





Open House – March 7

Once we finalize the move and are familiar with the new routines, everyone is invited to a “housewarming” celebration of the renewed North Kansas City High School. Mark your calendar for Saturday, March 7 and plan to join us for tours of the facility and a chance to see the beautiful blending of old and new at Northtown. Watch for additional details soon!


This is an exciting time at North Kansas City High School and change often brings questions. We are always here to help, whether you are staff, student, family or community member. Just ask! Administration is available throughout the school for staff and students at any time. Also, please feel free to visit our website at for additional information. Near the top right of the page is a red button labeled “Questions-Comments-Kudos”. Click on that button, scroll through the list of schools to find “North Kansas City” to submit a question at any time. A member of our team will promptly respond to your message, providing the information you need. As always, you are also welcome to call us at (816) 321-5310.


Thank you for your time and patience through this process! We are thrilled about the reinvestment in our school community and the opportunities it brings for students.