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Summer School 2020



As part of the procedures that we currently have in place, the counselors are providing a list of students with classes that they did not pass in order to enroll them in summer school for credit recovery (grade obtained upon completion: P= Pass). This is a self-paced program and they will work until completion of course(s) in which they are enrolled. Dates: June 1-26 (July may be possible for credit recovery).

 Your student will be signed up for summer school if they are on the list, but they can certainly opt out of summer school if they are unable to attend. You do not need to do anything if that is the case, but if your student will be attending and you have questions, below are the contact information for the counselors and a phone number for general information.


If your student would like to enroll in a class for advance credit, use the following link to self-enroll in summer Launch (grade obtained: letter grade ) 

· Course credit will be offered in order (Semester 1 = first two weeks of the month; Semester 2 = second two weeks) for students attempting one credit over a single month. For students seeking one credit over two months using virtual courses, June = semester 1, July = semester 2.

· A maximum of two credits can be earned by students in Launch over the summer (no exceptions).

 Enrollment in summer school this year for both credit recovery and advance/first time credit is online only and does not require attendance at school.

 If you wish to enroll in online PE, you need to email your counselor. See their contact information below.

 You will receive information on logging in by next week in your school email

Students doing summer school do not have to bring their macbooks in for inspection May 27-29, but will return when summer school is finished.


 Ms. Shelli Copas Last names A-D and ELL students 321-6887

Ms. Amanda Olvera Last names E-M 413-3782

Mrs. Maria Deister Last names N-Z 321-4461

Mrs. Michelle Washington IB students 321-5791

Ms. Tara Hamilton, Counseling Administrative Assistant 321-5315