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After School Tutoring

See below for a quick update on after-school tutoring beging this week.

Days offered: Every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

  • Time: 2:50 – 4:30
  • Where: Library (a few exceptions but those will be communicated individually)
  • Who (students): You can encourage any and all students to attend after school tutoring.
  • What’s the process? If a student would like to attend after school tutoring they need to do the following
    1. IF students need transportation they need to sign up for the late bus. They can do this by visitng the Administrative Assistant on their team (Joanne: A-G, Jenny H-O, Jeaneen P-Z). They need to sign up for transportation by noon the day they’d like to attend tutoring
    2. Student must go directly to the library after school (cannot be anywhere else in the school)
    3. Students can stay for the whole time or just part (if they have their own transportation)


after school tutoring