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The annual MIJA Journalism Day was held at the University of Missouri-Columbia on March 29. 

Northtown journalists competed in State Competition for the 2022-23 school year by submitting their student work entries to judges prior to the J-Day event. These students had a great showing! Award rankings were given on four levels: at the top were Best of Show and All-Missouri, followed by Superior, Excellent, and Honorable Mention.


Overall Publications Awards:

  • The Hornet’s Buzz: All Missouri 

  • The Purgold Yearbook: All Missouri

  • NTV News: Superior

  • The Hornet’s Buzz, Excellent

  • N2 Sports, Honorable Mention


2023 Individual Awards:

Best of Show:

  • Purgold: Aixa Ramirez, Sports Action Photography, “Just Keep Breathing”

  • Purgold: Andrea Hernandez and Dayanara Soto, Student Life Package, “Multicultural Assembly” 

  • Purgold: Maya Andres and Gabrielle Kellgren, Yearbook Mod, “What’s in your bag?”

  • NTV NEWS: Luke Casebolt and Robert Morrow, Sports News Story, “A New Sport at Northtown: Girls Flag Football”



  • N2 Sports: Gerald Lewis, On Site Strategic Communications Contest

  • N2 Sports: Staff, Social Media Reporting, Instagram @n2sportsnkchs

  • N2 Sports: Staff, Social Media Reporting, Twitter @N2sportsnkchs

  • Purgold: Sara Hanon, Student Life/Organizations Photography, “Everyone All Together”

  • Purgold: Andrea Hernandez, Student Life/Organizations Photography, “Trunk or Treat”

  • Purgold: Student Life Package, Naomi Powers and Clean Sargent, “The Addams Family”



  • N2 Sports: Staff, Online Social Media Reporting, N2 Sports TikTok

  • N2 Sports: Gerald Lewis, Online Sports Package, “A Stunning Opener”

  • N2 Sports: Gabriel Hinosoja, Sports Photography, “Alex Gunnels with the Three”

  • Purgold: Maya Andres, Student Life/Organizations Photography, “Fan Dance”

  • Purgold: Sara Hanon, Sports Feature/Reaction Photography, “A Moment to Remember”

  • Purgold: Julian Novero, Yearbook Writing, “Ballerina On Pointe”



  • The Buzz: Lily Patterson, Academic Photography, “Kelli Phariss”

  • The Buzz: Audrey Harris, InDepth Feature, “To IB or Not to IB”

  • N2 Sports: Brennen Knabe, Live Sports Broadcast–Talent, “Olathe West’s Eruption Against NKC”

  • N2 Sports: Gabriel Hinojosa, Photography- Portrait, “Process>Outcome”

  • N2 Sports: Leah Cox, Sports Feature/Reaction Photo, “Flying High!”

  • NTV NEWS: Jaden Frederique, Human Interest Feature, “NKC Teacher Feature: The McSparins”

  • Purgold: Gabrielle Kellgren, Yearbook Overall Theme Concept, “We Belong Together”


Honorable Mention:

  • The Buzz: Aurora Nicol, Centerspread Page Design, “Applying to College”

  • The Buzz: Sophia McAttee, Infographic, “First Valentine”

  • The Buzz: Grace Campbell, Sports Photography, “Tagged!”

  • NTV NEWS: Jaden Frederique, Human Interest Feature, NKC Club Feature: Majorettes 

  • NTV NEWS: SaDerra Gill and Jocelyn Brito-Velazquez, Human Interest Feature, 2022 Homecoming Queen Candidates 

  • N2 Sports: Leah Cox, Sports Feature/Reaction Photo, “Warm Up!”

  • N2 Sports: Leah Cox, Broadcasting - Sports Feature Story, “NKC Homecoming”

  • N2 Sports: Leah Cox and Zoe Payne, Broadcasting - Mini Documentary, “N2 vs Sports (Dive)”

  • Purgold: Sara Hanon, Portrait/People Package, “Down the NKC Catwalk”


MIJA State Honor Roll:

  • Sara Hanon, The Purgold

  • Brennen Knabe, N2 Sports

  • Aurora Nicol, The Buzz

  • Kiara Sanchez, The Purgold


You can view the winning entries of the “Best of Show” top awards and read more contest details on the MIJA website:


For more information, please contact:

  • Buzz newsmagazine/online, N2 sports broadcast: Paul Aubrey,

  • NTV broadcast: Amanda Dolinger,

  • N2 Sports marketing: Zack Johnson,

  • Purgold yearbook: Mary Prichard,