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OP Students Launch New Sports/Activities Website

Starting on Monday, October 8th, fans, friends, and family of Oak Park High School will have something it has never had before, a place for athletics and activities to call home...or rather a homepage.

Oak Park High School will be partnering with SideArm Sports as the web provider for a NEW athletics and activities website which will highlight all of the news and happenings of the activities programs at Oak Park High School.  The unique part of this partnership is that the new website will be primarily student-produced, edited, and updated by the N2Sports program, as well as contributions by various other student organizations such as Broadcast, Yearbook, and Journalism programs.

"Working with a SideArm is a huge advantage for our N2Sports students.  SideArm is the official website provider for almost every local D1 and D2 athletic departments, including MU, Kansas, KState, NWMSU, William Jewell, and most others.  They also service most of the D1, D2, D2, and NAIA programs around the country," said Eric Whited, N2SportsOakPark Advisor, and Marketing teacher.  According to SideArm's website they currently service over 1000+ sports specific websites across the country.  "By having our students' problem solve and create on the backend of our website, it will give them an opportunity to take these skills with them and contribute in a college or professional athletic office right when they walk through the door," said Whited.

"Working with this website has given me more real-world experience different from any of my other classes," said Mary Anello, '19. "I've actually considered checking with a few colleges I've been looking at to see if there is a student-position in the athletic department for something like this."

N2Sports Students have spent about 2 weeks preparing the website for the launch by focusing on all of the 2018 Fall Activities.  Currently, Rosters, Schedules, and Results have been updated for those sports, with plans to move into the Winter sports in the coming weeks.  Coaches will also have access to their individual sports pages and the community should see the website evolve as students and coaches continue to add information.

"This should provide the communication piece we've been missing and help tie together all of the various components of our Activities Department.  Better communication has been the biggest ask of our community, and we felt like a website could fill that role for our family.  We are also very excited about the tools it will provide our marketing classes and coaches to help promote and recognize our school, teams, and student-athletes." Casey Vokelek, Oak Park Activities Director.

"This is new for almost everyone involved, so we expect some growing pains, however, the work that the students have already put in is mindblowing! SideArm gives a timetable of about 30-90 days to prepare a website for launch.  Our students had it ready in 2 weeks.  They definitely surprised me," said Eric Whited. "SideArm has also shown a particular interest in our student-run model, and I have already spoken with other schools who are interested in doing the same."

The website will give the Northmen access to the same tools and graphics you might see on your favorite college team's website when you go to look for roster and schedule information.  N2Sports students hope to implement more of those resources as the year progresses. "There should always be something new for you to see every time you visit, we hope that encourages people to keep coming back to the site," says Nikola Viskovic, '19. "It's our way of giving back to the school and leaving our mark. The photos and stories I'm contributing to are going to be around for as long as we maintain the website."

One feature of the website includes the ability for students to control the advertising links and sponsorship location on the website, we have students hitting the pavement in our community to introduce the N2Sports Program and offer the opportunity for local businesses to sponsor our district and work with our students.  100% of sponsorship revenue earned will stay with the NKCSD and be utilized by th N2Sports Program to facilitate school-sponsored events and facilities improvements for all four high schools. 

If you are a community member or business who would like to sponsor our Athletics/Activities programs or advertise with the N2Sports program.  You can reach out to any of your local high schools to be connected with an N2Sports Marketing student to discuss your options.