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TonkaNation Art Show

Lines, textures, and brayers!  Oh, why? 

It’s Art Show time this Thursday from 7 am to 7 pm in the D-quad. Help your students, and own children. find the courage to write a note to their peers, as they apply brain power to think about visual art descriptions, or have the heart to tell their friends how artists at Tonka inspire them! 



Bring your class for a short visit or have them stay and write about the art they’re viewing using one of these formats:

  • Write a personal reflection on the art show experience.
  • Choose 3 favorite pieces of art to write a critique using the “sandwich method” (positive comment then a constructive comment/criticism, followed by another positive comment and praise).
  • Share positive thoughts and praise to at least 3 different artists, knowing the teacher will deliver the notes to the Art Department.  (Be sure to include student names and artwork descriptions in the note.)


A few rules apply....move quietly in the halls (it’s EOC time) and tell students that MUSEUM RULES APPLY as you can look and talk softly, but there is no touching allowed.



As usual, you may order any flat work for reproduction.  See one of the Art Teachers for an order form and prices.


Be sure to ask an Art Teacher for one of the popular PRIDE AWARDS.  Choose a student you wish to honor, write the reason you find them or their creativity inspirational on the back of the award, and pin it to the artwork.  We also have KIDS’ CHOICE AWARDS, so bring your children to view the exhibition and let them honor their favorite piece (writing a note on the back is optional).


Also, during 2nd block on Thursday, all 13 of the AP Studio Art students will be at their exhibit ready to interact with teachers and students (this is directly inspired from our PD day when we had a “docent led gallery walk”). Here are some ideas of how you can utilize this with your students:

  • In their space, AP Studio Art students will also have their artist statement printed out for students to read.
    • You could have students read the artist statement, then ask the artist specific questions based on the statement
  • In their art-space they are displaying work from their Concentration Portfolio, where they had to pick a specific subject and create multiple works of art about that one subject.
    • Students could ask about the Concentration Portfolio “What is your Concentration? Which piece encapsulates your Concentration topic the best and why?
    • Which piece are you the most proud of and why… which piece would you choose to re-do and why
    • Which piece did you struggle with the most?
    • How did you make this?


The MISSOURI YOUTH ART MONTH panels of artwork from our feeder elementary schools will also be on display!