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Winnetonka Robotics Team Makes Semifinals

Our Robotics team made it to Semifinals in our annual tournament this past weekend, which is a new team record!

These brilliant kids worked hard all season, put together a multifunctional robot (“Boba Bott”), and brought some cunning strategy to a very competitive tournament. I’m very proud of them. Please take a moment to congratulate them and ask them about the tournament next time you see them, especially seniors Cole Ford and Delainee Divine.

More info about Boba Bott: Our robot can retrieve and store dodgeballs from the floor and shoot them into a 8-foot-high goal, rotate a 32-inch multicolored wheel to a specified color, and pull itself up off the ground by reaching up and hooking onto a steel rod 5 feet off the ground (see pictured). The robot was built by Tyler Miller, Marko Maricic, Brendan Henson, and Brandon Crabtree, programmed by Dante Nguyen, Eric Duong, Ashton London, and Adam Evans, and driven/operated by Cole Ford, Amira Lindsey, and Delainee Divine.