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Homework Help from Mid-Continent Public Library

All NKC students whose parents signed PowerSchool/Mid-Continent Public Library permission at registration have access to the free Live Online tutoring, MCPL Databases, as well as other resources.

Students Login Information:

Username: nkc(student id)

Password: 8-digit birthdate

Students can access the live tutoring through safari, on their iPad.  There is an additional option for our students as well.  The app is available on all iPads through self-service.  Students will have to create their own username and password to use the app.

Directions below:

- Use this link in safari.

- Click the box that has "Live Homework Help and"

- Student logs in with nkc(student id) then clicks submit

- Look at the tiny words in the upper right corner and click "Create an Account"

- After students create an account on the website, they can use this account to log in to the app.