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Message from the Superintendent: District APR Results

Congratulations! We have done it again! North Kansas City Schools scored a 97.4% on our Annual Performance Report (APR) provided to us by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Please know our Board of Education, community, parents and most importantly, our students, thank you! You serve as our Most Valuable Professionals- MVPs! You come to work every day ready to fight the good fight. Our kids arrive in our schools with a multitude of abilities, needing differentiated supports that often include more social-emotional needs than ever before, and somehow you work your magic to ensure they grow!

So many of us have been a part of this incredible journey since the days of APRs in the 70s. In those years, our neighbors to the east and west were scoring in the 90s. It took true grit, strong professional development, trust and collaboration from each of you to achieve at the high levels to which we’ve become accustomed! For those who have joined us within the last five years, I would love to show you our progress from 2013 to 2018, as presented to the Board of Education last week. We have much to be proud of! This would not have been possible without true commitment to our mission: to serve as champions for all students.

ELA Proficient and Advanced graphic

ELA Proficient and Advanced graphic

Math Proficient and Advanced graphic

Math Proficient and Advanced graphic

American Citizenship Proficient and Advanced graphic

Remember, we received no data from the state regarding science this year, as their new assessment was piloted. Their chart would reflect much of the same progress over time, however.

The growth we’ve seen between 2013 and 2018 is impressive! The distance we’ve placed between NKC Schools and the state is remarkable. Understanding how we earn the majority of our points is important. I want to reiterate the fact that we EARNED them! Regarding the five measures of MSIP 5, North Kansas City Schools earned 116.9/120 points, equating to our 97.4%. Only 0.7 of a point was awarded by the hold harmless provision, in which credit is given for your highest score prior to last year’s administration of the assessment. All of our other points were earned based on the current year, exceeding state expectations in many cases. Some districts can only attribute a high APR to student growth from year-to-year, and/or hold harmless.  I am proud of the high percentage of students performing as Proficient or Advanced in North Kansas City Schools.

Certainly, the last couple of years for our district have been record-breaking! Our kids are performing at the highest levels. It’s a joy to serve as your superintendent. At every meeting I attend, I am bombarded by our community sharing positive news about our schools and students. Each night as I review Twitter, I am amazed at all you do for students on a daily basis. Your incredible service and commitment caused our student population to grow faster than it has in decades – by nearly 400 students. Make no mistake, word is getting out about the tremendous work you do with our students.

Please take time to celebrate with your schools, students and families. You certainly deserve it! On behalf of the 20,090 students we serve, thank you.

Your partner in education,