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District Rolls Back 22 Cents of Operating Levy

North Kansas City Schools families and community,

Welcome back to another great school year! We’ve had a tremendous start of school with a lot of excitement among students, teachers and staff. We’re looking forward to sharing our story with you throughout the year. Here is our first good news piece of the year: NKC Schools is “rolling back” 22 cents of the operating levy and maintaining our debt service as promised with our last bond issuance. This means that those of you who own property that was reassessed this year to a higher valuation will see your school district levy rate decrease. Those with property that was not reassessed this year will also see a reduced school district levy rate and may see a lower tax bill overall.

The NKC Board of Education and administration works very hard to efficiently run the district. It is the school district’s goal to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars, never asking for more than what we need to appropriately provide services to the children of our community. Your support is always greatly appreciated, and our schools wouldn’t be as successful without you.

North Kansas City Schools is among the largest, fastest-growing, most diverse school districts in the state, and is the largest district on the Missouri side of the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. Over the years, continued improvement efforts have elevated NKC Schools to a district of choice in the Northland as we’ve earned a reputation for high achievement. As a result, our student enrollment continues to grow, and the district is currently working to develop a long-range facility plan to help serve increases in student population. This plan will guide new construction needs as well as provide for the maintenance and upkeep of existing buildings – a good number of which are 50 years old, or older.

While North Kansas City Schools works to be transparent with our budget, there are some factors that make district financial operations more challenging. This past year, our school district saw an increase in new commercial construction with an assessed value of more than $36 million. However, due to economic incentive programs, NKC Schools only receives tax dollars from $1.1 million. These incentives diluted funds our taxpayers voted to allocate to neighborhood schools.

The funding of schools has also shifted over time, disproportionately impacting homeowners as 76 percent of tax revenues come from residential property tax versus 24 percent from commercial. The balance was traditionally about 50-50. This puts a significant portion of the burden on Northland families while relieving some larger businesses of their responsibility to fund schools and educational services that build a strong workforce and thriving communities. NKC Schools has worked to engage our business community as partners in education and welcomes their support to ensure the very best for our students, their families and the community that strengthens us.

By working together, we believe a balance can be struck that maximizes school district funding while also benefitting both homeowners and business partners. NKC Schools will continue to show great care with taxpayer dollars while being exceedingly grateful for the ongoing support of our families and community. We are definitely stronger when facing challenges together.

Thank you for joining us as Champions for All Students!