Winnetonka High School: Semicentennial Celebration

Winnetonka High School: Semicentennial Celebration

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Winnetonka High School is excited to celebrate 50 years of excellence! Established in 1970, Winnetonka has educated thousands of students, produced scores of scholar-athletes, and has served as a pillar of the North Kansas City community for five decades. To commemorate our 50th anniversary, the North Kansas City Schools Communication Team has provided us with a video project to highlight our school’s history. The video can be viewed at this link. Thank you to North Kansas City Schools, our Tonka alumni, and the strong lineage of faculty and staff who have made Winnetonka “more than brick and mortar” throughout our history. Please enjoy this glimpse into our past.

Winnetonka High School officially began our journey of excellence on August 31, 1970 with 600 sophomores (the future class of 1973), 40 staff members, and our first principal, Dr. Keith Sovereign.  While Winnetonka was still under construction in the fall of 1970, Dr. Dan Kahler, principal of Oak Park High School, invited Winnetonka staff and students to share their facility until Winnetonka was move-in ready—March 1, 1971. Since that first fateful day students walked into Winnetonka High School, our nation and world have experienced the natural ebb and flow of historical change, progress, and unprecedented times. Much has occurred throughout our school’s 50-year history. However, what has remained unchanged in the midst of an ever-changing world is our Winnetonka P.R.I.D.E, resilience, and dedication to improving the lives of all within our sphere of influence.

The inaugural event for our 50th Anniversary celebration was Homecoming Week, October 2019. That week, we recognized and celebrated the 50th school year in Winnetonka history and inducted five alumni into our Hall of Fame. Additionally, we looked forward to engaging in a host of events to continue our Semicentennial Celebration throughout the ‘20-21 school year. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have not been able to celebrate each event as planned. Nevertheless, we look forward to a hopeful Spring 2021 that will bring more opportunities to celebrate our storied history.

The Winnetonka faculty, staff, and administration want to thank you for helping us reflect on and celebrate the rich history and tradition of Winnetonka High School. Cheers to 50 years of excellence!